Change Will Happen; Grow with it or Grow Bitter

Change is inevitable, and embracing it is essential for personal growth and happiness. Discover how adapting to new circumstances and letting go of the need to control can lead to a more fulfilling life. Learn to appreciate the lessons that come with change and find joy in the journey.
The beauty of life is change.

Change is Inevitable. You Must Change to Grow.

Thank goodness for hindsight, because now I realize that one of the best things about being a military spouse, for me personally, has also been one of the hardest things: the constant uncertainty and constant changes. Making vacation plans can be a challenge, finding employment in your trained field each time you relocate (licenses in one state, living in another), handling moves, selling/buying property with power of attorney, and taking care of the kids on your own while your spouse is deployed/in the field or on TDY (Temporary Duty away from home), moving and leaving friends—all come with their share of hardships. Finding housing each time, in the right school district, at the right price, in a community where you feel at home, but not having the luxury of time to check out the housing and the area in advance; yes, it can be very stressful.

Change and Challenge are Good

As challenging and stressful as these things have been for me, they have also taught me that I am not in control of the situation. They taught me that I have to make the best of the situation or it will get the best of me, so be prepared but don’t resist. It may

have taken a long time to realize it, but I see the benefit now.

I can’t live in the past or stress over the uncertainty of the future. I enjoy the moment; certainly not every single moment, because we have to have contrast or life becomes boring. Change, and letting go of the need to control the outcome, has made me stronger. I appreciate the lesson in the change and the new experience. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. Come to think of it, that’s what made being a teenager so exciting; everything was new and exciting as we gained independence. But somewhere along the way, some people tend to dig in and get set in their ways, resisting change, blaming others or the next generation for changes that make them uncomfortable. They get bitter and complain. They are victims of this unwelcomed change.

I remember when my husband poo-poo’d the idea of having a cell phone; “If someone wants to call me, they can wait until I’m at home or at work. They don’t need to reach me in the car.” Then he got used to the cell phone, but was sad that people weren’t calling him on it more often. “Nobody ever calls me on my cell phone.” Fast forward a few more years, he poo-poo’d the idea of texting; “If someone wants to tell me something, they need to talk to me, not text me. The kids need to quit texting so much.” Fast forward a few more years, we text all the time. It doesn’t take the time or the privacy to conduct a phone call. So, yes, there is a definite benefit to it. He has embraced it. Resistance was futile in a house with teenagers. 😉

The next generations are expanding our world, and we can either learn and grow, or be stressed and overwhelmed, wishing for life as we once knew it. That’s the way it’s always been, and always will be. It’s called progress, and for those who resist change, it will always make them uncomfortable and even bitter at times.

Lifting weights also stresses the muscles, even makes you sore, but later you’re able to do more, you’re stronger, and you feel great about your progress. As an avid weightlifter, I enjoy the challenge and changes it creates in my body. Changing the routine can be a challenge at times, but doing the same thing day in and day out can also be a drag. After implementing a new workout routine, the soreness wears off after the first few days, and the changes start to appear in a few weeks. I’m more focused in the moment and not just going through the motions with no enthusiasm. No change is mind-numbing.

Change Will Happen for Everyone

You can’t take things back to the way they were and complain about how things are different. If you want to be happy, learn from the change, grow with it, and for God’s sake, quit complaining! You’re taking away your own joy, and possibly a little bit of the joy from people who spend time with you…unless, however, you’re with a group of complainers who like to sit around and b***h about everything. If that’s what brings you joy, then have at it. At least you’re getting joy from complaining (but don’t spread that type of joy to those of us who don’t want to participate, please!). Learn and grow from changes. It stimulates you. Appreciate the moments of your life! Enjoy your journey… because you are creating it!

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