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Do You Have a Weight Loss Goal?

But Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

You may want to lose weight, but ask yourself why? Weight loss should be just a part of a goal in a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, not the only reason for a temporarily healthier lifestyle. It may initially motivate you to make a change, but you’ll need more to reach a goal and sustain your progress. You’ll need to dig a little deeper.

Do you want to lose weight to look better? Most can identify with this. But, If so, WHY do you want to look better? Most likely because of how it makes you FEEL about yourself. Your emotional and mental state can have a profound effects on your physical health and overall wellbeing. Feeling more confident can affect other aspects of your life as well. 

Vibrant Life by intention with purpose

Do you want to lose weight because your weight is making you feel uncomfortable in certain clothing, makes it more difficult to accomplish physical activities that used to be easy?

Do you want to lose weight because it is causing health problems that are affecting the quality of your life, or maybe even at risk of reducing your lifespan? Did your doctor suggest that you need to lose weight for your health? 

Is your weight affecting your intimate relationship with your partner? Making you feel self conscious in your own skin? Does your partner make comments and suggestions about your weight that make you feel embarrassed, hurt, angry or self conscious?

Maybe your weight is in normal range, but you just want to get leaner, more sculpted and defined because you feel more confident, vibrant and energetic when you’re physique  in top condition. 

Losing weight is a goal for many, but it’s not a purpose. And if you don’t know WHY, that can hinder your results. 

Identifying and focusing on WHY you’re changing your nutrition and or exercise (ideally both)  to accomplish goals is important.

If you look at a change as temporary then you’re  subconsciously telling yourself this isn’t a lifestyle, it will be over soon and things can go back to “normal” when you reach your goal…back to the habits that didn’t serve you well. So what happens when you reach a plateau or get off track? Do you get frustrated and stop, go back to old habits, gain the weight back and tell yourself “that didn’t work for me” because you didn’t reach your weight loss goal and regained the weight? 

And what will happen if/when you reach your goal? Do you keep the healthy lifestyle going, or do you pat yourself on the back for reaching your weight loss goal, then go back to your old habits which will cause you to gain the weight back? 

That is why diets don’t work. Anything that lasts must be a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Not losing, going back to old ways, gaining back, starting again, etc. You know…the YoYo dieting. Connecting with why you’re changing your habits will help set you up for long term success. 

Have you heard the parable about the three men laying bricks; one man kneeling, one man crouching, and one man (further along) standing? 

A man asks the first man, who is kneeling, what he’s doing. The man says “I’m a bricklayer and I’m working to feed my family.” Next, he asks the second man, who was a bit further along, the same question. He replied “I’m a builder, I’m building a wall.” But when he asked the third man, who was much further along than the other two, he replied “I’m building a great cathedral for the Almighty.”  Purpose affects attitude and attitude affects productivity and productivity affects outcome. If you’re not connected to the big picture then you can have a bad attitude about the whole process, and the process will definitely affect the outcome. 

What is the big picture? YOUR BIG PICTURE? Goals are fine, and serve a purpose. But think beyond a goal and keep the vision of a larger purpose. Connecting to your purpose will help you be more successful, get past obstacles that can cause setbacks and feeling of frustration. It can change a mere interest into a commitment, motivation into inspiration.

Do you want to get leaner, healthier and feel more vibrant? Let’s chat about your goals, targeted solutions to help you achieve them, and maybe discover your WHY. Maybe it’s so you can be more involved with your kids and set a better example. Maybe it’s so that your health doesn’t become a burden to your kids down the road and you want to remain independent. Maybe it’s because you want to feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. Maybe it’s because you’re just tired of feeling uncomfortable either physically, mentally or both. Maybe it’s because you realize that you have to be more intentional about your lifestyle because you don’t want to age more vibrantly, be active, and not feel old.

Show me someone over forty who is healthy and fit, and I can assure you they made it a priority. You cannot make meaningful and lasting change without making it a priority and a habit. It’s not a punishment or expense. It’s a worthwhile commitment and investment. The habits you commit to now, can profoundly change your health trajectory over time. Focus on what direction you want to go in and WHY.

Be like the cathedral builder, have vision and purpose in your mission, and treat your body like a temple. 

What are the benefits of Marine Type 1 Collagen?

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New superior Marine Collagen Formula

Collagen has been the rage for a few years now. But with so many types on the market, how do we know which is the best type to supplement with?

Did you know, as we age, our body’s ability to produce new collagen declines, and existing collagen begins to break down? The loss of collagen effects skin, joints, and bones. The decreased collagen may also lead to increased digestive problems, weakened immune systems, and increased risk of chronic illness. Good news! Science has shown that collagen supplementation can protect against and reverse these effects. 

Marine Collagen, which is a type 1 collagen, is made of collagen peptides derived from fish and has the most efficient absorption of all collagen types. Marine Collagen is environmentally friendly and sustainable as it uses parts of the fish that are normally thrown away.

Clear Medicine’s Top Ten Benefits of Marine Collagen:

1. Builds Bone Strength – Studies have shown that marine collagen peptides help the absorption of calcium and other minerals that are essential for bone strength. Check out Dr. Turner ND’s pre-workout cocktail here!

2. Improves Skin, Hair and Nails – Increasing type 1 collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep renewing and repairing normally. Clinical trials have shown patients who supplement with marine collagen have a decrease in wrinkles and improved skin hydration and firmness.

3. Stabilizes Blood Sugar – 2016 study by the Alberta Diabetes Institute found consistently low levels of circulating glycine among people with type 2 diabetes. Thus, supplementing with marine collagen, which contains high amounts of glycine, may help balance blood sugar levels, which is especially important for diabetics.

4. Boosts Metabolism – a boost in collagen may help improve metabolism by adding lean muscle mass to your frame and helping with the conversion of essential nutrients.

5. Improves Wound Healing and Reduces Scars – Supplementing with marine collagen can lead to accelerated and more efficient healing of wounds. As the main component of the dermal matrix of the skin, collagen is necessary for regeneration of skin after any skin injury or deformation, such as scars, rashes, and burns.

6. Reduces Inflammation and helps with joint pain – With its gel-like, smooth structure that covers and holds our bones together, collagen allows us to glide and move without pain. Studies are showing that it helps your joints move more easily, reduces pain often associated with aging and even reduces the risk of joint deterioration.

7. Brain Health – Glycine makes up roughly 20% of the amino acids in collagen. Some of the glycine benefits range from improving sleep to having inhibitory functions that take action against excessive excitation in the brain. This allows your mind to calm down and focus.

8. Thyroid Boost – Collagen can help boost your thyroid hormone levels by balancing the other proteins in your body. Collagen helps to boost your liver’s ability to convert thyroid hormone into active T3 thyroid hormone by lowering cortisol levels in your blood.

9. Antibacterial Effects – recent research has discovered that peptide fragments contained within marine collagen have antibacterial properties. Specifically, collagencin, a peptide derived from collagen, has been found to inhibit the growth of infection and disease-causing bacteria.

10. Superior Protein Source for Weight Management – is a pure protein source that does not contain any carbs, sugar or fat. Daily intake of marine collagen may help to suppress appetite by keeping you feeling full longer and thus can help promote weight loss.

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Can Women Slow the Aging Process With Free weight training?

Building strength for quality of life.

Building strength for quality of life.

Can Women Slow the Aging Process with Free Weight Training.

As we age, the significance and various advantages of free weight training, turns out to be progressively critical. Interminable exploration has been done on this particular topic, and as an aftereffect of these studies we now have hard proof that as we age our bone thickness density declines or weakens and we lose muscle (sarcopenia), however unlike some degenerative conditions, there is something we can do to fight both of these widely recognized negative impacts of aging.

Medical research has demonstrated, that by keeping weight on the bones and keeping the joints moving, we can keep up healthy bone density and more joint flexibility as we age. Why weight training? Basically, the process of  lifting weight causes the muscles and ligaments to pull against the bone, this procedure empowers various cells in the bone to produce more bone, therefore increasing bone density; the vast majority of the people don’t understand that bone is living – developing tissue and reacts to the stresses of weight training, by becoming stronger/denser, just like the muscles.

Unfortunately, there was old fashioned misguided judgment with respect to lifting weights that has kept much of our aging population of women from ever considering lifting weights. Until the 1980s, there were not very many health and fitness clubs, and the ones that were around, usually catered to bodybuilding men and athletes.  Women looked at weight lifting as something reserved for bodybuilders, athletes and manly looking women. Fortunately, the younger population in Western Society it’s very common to see women working out with free weights and embracing the strength and power it achieves. But sadly, many older women are aging even faster due to a lack of any form of strength training. 

There are a variety of ways to train for strength. The most simple, is using your own bodyweight against gravity, which can be done nearly anywhere. Most health clubs have machines that are built to facilitate your ability to lift the weight at the point where your joints and ligaments need the most assistance. Starting out, it is important to strengthen these joints and ligaments before overloading them with force and machines are wonderful at achieving this, whilst also allowing you to build ample muscular hypertrophy. But after building up some strength, it’s more beneficial to advance to incorporating more free weights and doing exercises in a standing position as much as possible. Free weights require your stabilizer muscles, or ancillary muscles, to come into play far more, while balancing and controlling the weights through the range of motion. Unlike machines, where the weights are balanced for you, and only force is needed to move the weight.  When ancillary muscles are used, it helps with overall proprioception/balance. With improved balance and increased strength, there is less likelihood of falls. And in the event of a fall, with increased bone density from the weight training, there is less chance of breaking a bone. 

Concerning seniors, grown-ups 65 and more seasoned, weighting training assists with bone density issues, as well as expands muscle quality also, in this way enhancing scope of movement and parity, furnishing them with a more secure and higher personal satisfaction. Like clockwork, a senior has a fall. At regular intervals somebody in this age group kick the bucket as an immediate aftereffect of their injuries brought on by a fall. Falls are the main source of harm related deaths. If they don’t die, typically they age faster and become dependent on family or caregivers, unless they change their course of action. 

In one year alone more than 1.8 million individuals 65 years or more were treated in emergency rooms, 20-30% of seniors who fall endure moderate to serious injury; wounds, hip breaks and other trauma. Quite a bit of this could have been avoided with increased senior physical conditioning through weight training and other exercise. Exercise and nutrition are so vital to remaining strong and healthy as we age. 

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