Ghrelin, one of the hunger hormones, gets  bad rap, because nobody wants to be hungry when they are trying to lose weight and reduce their caloric intake. However, ghrelin actually signals the body to do some very beneficial things for fat loss and overall health. 

So try going a little hungry at times. Have at least 3 hours between eating. Do Intermittent fasting. Exercise on an empty stomach. Don’t eat to complete fullness; 80% full. Go to bed mildly hungry: eat your dinner earlier and keep the meal smaller. If you’re feeling truly hungry, have a little protein before bed. (My company has a great solution called the Bedtime Belly Buster)

Studies Found:

Benefits of the Ghrelin Hormone in Studies:

Activates Fat Burning Hormones

Autophagy Increases- Recycling parts of damaged cells so they don’t replicate poor copies.

Brain Benefits

Sleep Quality Improvements

HGH production increased

Improves Blood Pressure


When ghrelin is increased it helps the body put on muscle. Ghrelin stimulates the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland, which, unlike ghrelin itself, breaks down fat tissue and causes the build-up of muscle. In clinical studies mice without ghrelin lost muscle and mice with added ghrelin gained muscle.