I started my health and fitness journey back in the early 80s, during college, as an aerobics instructor (big hair, leg warmers and headbands…oh yeah!!). I later became a personal trainer and competitive body builder…which eventually evolved into health club ownership, and a variety of jobs within the health and fitness industry.

After a few life transitions, I went back to school and earned a degree in Applied Science; Physical Therapy. I maintain my license and keep up with continuing education, although no longer working in the field.

I’m a Military Spouse, and frequent moves from state to state make it challenging to have a career. Military spouses tend to have careers or businesses that travel with them, or they just resign to playing the support role. I’ve enjoyed both roles, but I’m ready for more challenges and opportunities that speak to my passions.

At the age of 51, I entered the competitive arena again, as a masters figure and physique competitor. I thought I would never be able to do this again, due to bouts of debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. At times, I couldn’t even hold a coffee pot without two hands, or go down stairs without the aid of the railing. With strategic nutrition choices and modern medicine, my condition is now very manageable. However, optimal health is a balancing act, and I have found being proactive with my health has been much better than chasing it.

At the age of 52, I competed in my first international competition, placing second in the Masters Figture 45 and over and 3rd in the Open Physique (no age class), and went on to earn my Figure Pro card as Ms Figure Universe, in the International Fitness Universe, 7months later. My true passion is not in the competitive arena, (that’s just for fun) but lies with pursuing the total package of health, strength and overall wellbeing and helping others to do the same. I’m feeling vibrant and full of energy that I once thought was only reserved for the youth. I’m a fitness fanatic and nutrition nerd, and I love learning helpful information and passing it along to those who also find it useful, and are willing to implement change to get results. I love seeing people transform into a stronger happier healthier version of themselves.

Being strong, happy and healthy has to be intentional as we age. We took those things for granted in our youth, but as we mature and health issues crop up, or life responsibilities cause us increased stress, we realize the value true health. Our nutrition needs change and we have to learn to manage our stress.

Strength, happiness, and health are the result of deliberate choices and habits.  To experience a more youthful aging process, I am emphatic about the importance exercising consistently; incorporating strength training, proprioception/balance, flexibility and including either HIIT/EPOC training or moderate cardiovascular exercises (depending on individual limitations and goals). Nutrition plays a vital role in obtaining health and fitness goals and slowing down the aging process. The proper balance of macro and micronutrients can accelerate fitness goals, and the adverse is also true, which may cause some people to get discouraged, feel fatigued and give up on their pursuit. It’s critical to be smart about how our “right now” choices will affect our future self. Bad habits will eventually catch up through disease, obesity, fatigue, digestive issues, emotional health problems, etc.,  and then we have to chase our health to try to get our bodies back in balance. Medicine may be required to help with some of the symptoms, but is certainly not the cure. We need to take charge of our health and not just rely on medicine to ease our ails because we are too lazy to change our habits for our own good.

Personally, I want to be proactive, have quality of life by remaining physically independent as I age…and I never want someone else to have to wipe my butt because I’m too weak!

I’ve gained extensive knowledge in the health and fitness field through scholastic education, personal research, and mostly through over 30 years of experience.  I am excited to share information and guide other women (and men) towards their own healthy transformations.  Exercise and proper nutrition are the fountain of youth. KEEP FIGHTING GRAVITY!!